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Red Flower
I love the color of this flower. Nature is so inspiring!

I think one of the most intimidating things about making jewelry is putting it out there and selling it. Like so many before me, I enjoy making the product, but the whole marketing and selling seems so far out of my league. I would much rather give my jewelry away than ask anyone to pay, but that certainly does not put bread on the table.

Then there is the photography. "Photos are everything" really is so true. Good photos sell your product, but taking good photos also takes a lot of time and skill.

Things definitely are getting easier with most smart phones having cameras that rival expensive cameras in the marketplace. Even still, having an eye for photography really makes a huge difference. Even a half good photo may not be enough to have people stop and look at your work. But, we all know that we can't start out as a professional and with hard work and practice we get better all the time. We find out what works for us and then improve on it.

We also need to know when to bring in the big guns for a little extra help too. Now while we don't want to give up all our profits to have great photos done, getting some glam, great shots to showcase your talent for some of your finer pieces is most likely money well spent.

I have someone who knows a lot more about photography than me coming over to the studio to take some photos for me to use on the website. It was such a great relief when she agreed to do it and for me, money well spent. Should be fun!

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