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the case of the missing pliers

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

I seem to be at a loss as to where to look next. My favorite pliers have simply disappeared off the face of my earth. I have gone through everything, everywhere searching for them and have literally come up empty handed.

Tools are so intimate. Even if you have a whole array, you know instinctively which ones to reach for. You know exactly what they will and won't do, how much pressure to apply how they feel in your hands.

I have retracked my steps since my last known use of them and have laid awake at night wondering where in the world they are. No one would have taken them. Why would they? They are just a small pair of well worn pliers of no value or interest to anyone. Perhaps at my last sale I ended up putting them into the wrong container, but since then I have gone through everything in the studio to no avail. I've checked the vehicle to see if maybe by mistake it fell out and was on the floor. Neope. Nada. I have basically turned my house upside down looking for the precious pinchers. I suspect some day I will stumble on them. Humm. Maybe Gregg has them.

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